Imagine creating a beautiful app, dedicated to showcasing your passion.
And, if you choose, monetize it. Go on. It’s time to share your passion
with the world. Get Konversed

Calling all Passionistas

We’re for artisans and artists, baristas
and fashionistas. The makers and
creators, travellers and revellers,
photographers, filmmakers, musicians
and writers. For athletes, daredevils,
astronomers and gastronomers.
The midnight candle-burners
and bedside learners

Konversed is for you.



Make your app the pure expression of your passion.
No ads. No distractions. Indulge in your creativity or let your audience
immerse themselves in the mastery of your craft.


Konversed brings people together like never before. Share your passion
and unite with like-minded creatives. Make authentic connections and deliver
meaningful experiences. Immerse them in your passion.

We’re serious
about privacy
& content

We built Konversed to protect your privacy, data and intellectual property. We believe in acts, not just words, so when it comes to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, we mean business. 100% owned by you. Amazingly but true! Konversed is a unique app ecosystem that guarantees all your content and data is utterly secure and owned by you.


Everything’s included

So much more for so much less.

Konversed is everything you ever wanted in an app and more.
No ads. Just the freedom to own your passion, your data, your
community and your profits – all in one beautiful safe
and affordable place.

Painstakingly designed,
highly intuitive interface. Expensive
designer font for legibility.

Super easy to set up, use
and manage content.
No coding required.

Secure login mechanism
for publishing of private and
public information.

Monetize your passion with in-app purchases and receive 100% of the revenue.

Includes all software updates and future device/platform apps.

Your app submitted and uploaded to the Apple App Store.

Retain all content ownership
and data.


Individual Passionistas

All Plans include: Content Monetization, You keep 100% Royalties,
Public Content Publishing, Private Content Publishing, In-App
Purchase Capabilities, Your Own Brandable Channel, Streaming
& Offline Capabilities, Your Content & Data not onsold.


$9 /month

or $99 / year (save 8%)

3 GB Storage

Perfect for Starting a Passion!

Free Trial

Konversed Pro

$49 /month

or $499 / year (save 15%)

8 GB Storage

For Passionistas that Mean Business!

Free Trial

Konversed Pro Plus

$199 /month

or $1999 / year (save 17%)

18 GB Storage

For the most Passionate of Passionistas!

Free Trial

All amounts shown are in USD.
Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV

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Whatever your passion, Konversed gives you the power, ownership and protection
to put everything in one creative place.